The Committee

The club is run by an elected committee who do their best to ensure the club runs smoothly for the members, details of the 'few' willing to give their time to support the club and ensure we all enjoy our hobby to the full are below.

Pete Glover

Pete Glover, Chairman joined the club in 2009 and was voted on to the committee in 2011. His main interests are helicopters both I.C. and electric and also electric powered aeroplanes. He is not only chairman but organises and runs the winter indoor meetings with Keith Wright and is keen on bringing new people into the hobby/club via these meetings. Pete also writes the clubs newsletter. Please click here to email, or Telephone 07954370936

Keith Wright

Keith Wright, Secretary has been with the club since August 1969 and was elected to the committee 2 years later, since 1975 he has been club secretary (with a short break of only 18months). Keith has flown at all the major model shows and is a fixed wing examiner and instructor. He enjoys passing on help, advice, and encouragement to put back into our "hobby" which has given me so much pleasure and made so many friends over the years. He enjoys flying anything but prefers large models with exotic 4 strokes. Other interests include model engineering, model boats and associated electronics. Please click here to email Keith or telephone 01293 524663.

Robert Adams, Treasurer (on the left) has been a member since 2013 and was elected to the position of Treasurer at the 2018 AGM. Robert enjoys flying gliders both thermal and slope but also flies power models.
  John Tee, Vice Chairman was one of the original eight founder members. He flies mainly I.C sport planes and is 'still' trying to master flying helicopters. Has in recent years started to fly electric aeroplanes as well as he favourite I.C. Always willing to talk to new members and open to suggestions on improving the club. Over the winter months John is a regular at the clubs indoor meetings.
John Hurrell

John Hurrell joined the club in 1974. He shares the groundsmans duties and also devises the Egg Race evenings. He loves model flying although he insists he is not very good at it. John has been drawing, designing and building models for over 60 years indeed it actully helped him start his career in the aviation industry. John enjoys flying scale gliders and more recently large powered vintage type models. His other interests include sailing model yachts, dabbling with model submarines and steam power and is the clubs model boiler examiner.

John Sargent

Jon Sargeant has served on the committee at various times and was re-elected at the AGM in 2014.



Ian Willingham has been on the committee since the AGM in 2016. He is a keen helicopter and quad pilot and also enjoys flying fixed wing.

Mike Smallridge was voted on to the committee at the 2013 AGM. Mike has been aeromodelling for most of his life, his current interest is electric power flying with some occasional gliding and hill soaring. Mike also enjoys indoor flying and is a regular at the clubs winter indoor meetings. Mike used to fly full size gliders for a hobby, but now tends to keep his feet firmly on the ground.


Chris Hay enjoys flying I.C. but in the last few years has also been seen flying electric models. Chris is regularly down the field on a Wednesday and Sunday and can always be found helping new members out