The club currently has in excess of 90 members but is open to new members. For further details on membership contact the club secretary (via the committee page) or download the forms below and send them off to the club.

To be able to fly at the club field or events you will need to have the required insurance cover, the club is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) who provide this cover.

 Membership Fees for 2018 are :- 


Club Membership

BMFA Membership







Family (Senior + Partner)


£34 + £23

Family (Senior + Junior)


£34 + £13

Family (Senior + 2 Juniors)


£34 + £13 + £13

Associate Member (non-flying)



To download a copy of the club membership form please click here

For further information please contact Keith Wright or Tel. 01293 524663